Life's a Beach. Wear a Bikini.

Our Mission

Our mission is to inspire women everywhere to free their inner Goddess; to love their bodies, embrace their sensuality, their natural beauty, and their divine feminine power within.

Our Vision

We envision a world where all women support each other and lift one another up, rather than tear each other down.  We believe true feminine power is strongest among sisters; and so our ultimate goal is to cultivate the strong, loving, and beautiful sisterhood culture we wish to see in the world. The Goddess Coffee concept was built to strengthen the female empowerment movement. We are not only promoting body-positivity; we aim to encourage all women to support one another through self love, gender equality, mental health, and women’s rights.

About us

Goddess Coffee is San Diego’s first original Bikini Barista coffee shop located in iconic Pacific Beach, CA.  The Goddess Coffee concept is a collaboration between husband and wife, but is primarily San Diego-native, woman-owned and operated.  


Our coffee and espresso beans are fair-trade and organic, locally roasted by world-famous Seven Seas Roasting Co., a veteran-owned roaster located in South Park, CA.  


Goddess Coffee offerings include the usual coffee and espresso suspects, as well as nitro cold brew, tea, protein ice-blended espresso drinks, and plant-based energy drink fusions not found anywhere else in San Diego, as well as the popular Chagaccino mushroom coffee.  We also offer grab ‘n go food items, as well as freshly baked donuts and pastries from women-owned local bakeries.  Stay tuned for our expanded menu coming soon!


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